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Short-term Preparation Strategy for the JEE Main

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JEE Main Preparation

IIT JEE is one of the most challenging engineering entrance examinations, which is conducted in two phases yearly. The first phase of IIT JEE is JEE Main, and the second phase is JEE Advanced. In 2023, the JEE Main is scheduled to be conducted in January and April sessions. An effective preparation strategy is required to crack the JEE Main with flying colours. For this, students should follow some efficient tactics for the exam and prepare accordingly. On this page, you will learn how to crack JEE Main with short-term preparation.

Know the Exam Date and Syllabus

It is important to know the exam date and syllabus of the exam before starting the preparation. This will help you make a proper timetable to study all the important concepts for the examination. The National Testing Agency has already published the JEE Main 2023 exam date on its official website. Students can also get the detailed syllabus prescribed by the NTA for JEE Main in the information brochure released by the exam conducting body. Thus, candidates must check all these details and make a timetable accordingly.

Know the High Weightage and Important Chapters

After checking the JEE Main syllabus, it is essential to identify the chapters with high weightage in the exam. For such topics, students must record important formulas, definitions and short notes so that they can quickly revise them before the examination. Also, it is to be remembered that always study the chapters with more weightage first and then focus on the remaining ones. This kind of preparation will help students to score good marks in the examination.

Daily Revision of Important Formulas

Students must revise all important formulas from the JEE syllabus topics daily. This will help them to identify the suitable formula for the specific question and solve it quickly in the exam. Also, follow some short-cut tricks to solve questions from the JEE question papers. This will save time during the examination since the JEE Main lasts 3 hours. 

Solve Previous Years’ Question Papers

Once you study topics from JEE Main syllabus, it is essential to practise as many as the previous years’ question papers. This will assist students in recognising the examination pattern, difficulty level and marks coverage. For instance, candidates who wish to appear for the second session of JEE Main 2023 must practise JEE Main 2023 question papers of the first session, along with previous years’ question papers. Solving previous years’ question papers of JEE is one the strongest preparation strategy for the exam.

Attempt Mock Test

Once you are done with studying concepts and solving previous years’ JEE Main question papers, you should attempt the mock test for JEE Main. Attempting a mock test will aid you in solving the question paper within the stipulated time. Also, you can notice your time management during the examination and identify the types of questions that take more time to answer.

Revise all Short Notes

Revision is an important part of the preparation for any competitive exam. At this stage, it is advised to the candidates not to start any new topics or any new study material. During this stage, candidates should focus only on the revision of formulas and short notes prepared at the time of the study.

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